Formal Case Reviews & Opinion
With over two decades of experience, we offer expert opinion in the management and care of neurosurgical patients. Additionally, we have expertise in neuroimaging, stroke management (including cerebrovascular and neuroendovascular intervention), cerebral aneurysms, vascular malformations of the brain and spine, moyamoya and essentially all vascular conditions of the central nervous system. 
Trial Testimony
When necessary, we are happy to provide video depositions, written summaries or live testimony in order to deliver our opinion.
Written Reports
We provide a written summary (if desired) of our findings and welcome phone or video consultation to ensure clarity and education regarding each review. Additionally, in-person visits are available on request.

RJS Consulting is interested in a concise and clear delivery of the details regarding your case. We welcome chart reviews, phone conversations or whatever is necessary to educate clients about clinical scenarios and outcomes.